Construction Services

disccussion cConsulting and Project Planning

In today’s dynamic world of environmental regulations, our staff members offer solutions that are regulatory compliant, of high value, and accompanied by a strategy aimed towards cost-effective implementation.  Utilizing our knowledge, industry contacts, and years in the field, we can provide a variety of turn-key solutions for a wide range of eco-restoration projects. 

In providing these high value solutions, we dutifully evaluate other critical project elements such as project politics, unexpected or adverse conditions, and possible post-construction constraints.  Ultimately, this requires both the ability and willingness of each of us to honestly communicate all applicable information in order to generate a successful, viable, and profitable project.  Below are some examples of services we provide to our current partners:


We have developed timely and effective solutions for complex negotiations between government agencies, regulatory agencies, contractors, and private entities.







As an eco-restoration company, we often find it necessary to have the abilities to perform earthwork to help our partners reach their restoration goals.  We have built temporary haul roads, provided off road access points, and closed and restored roads and trails. 

Other earthwork abilities range from simple excavation to geomorphic shaping, berm and earthen channel construction.  Based on the massive amounts of material to be moved, we own a full complement of construction equipment i.e., a loader, production trucks, backhoe, bulldozer, skid steer, excavator. 







bigstockphoto_Construction_of_the_pipeline_761011[1] cDevegetation

We are at the forefront of an emerging trend in eco construction services; devegetation.  This practice is the removal and/or salvaging of trees and plants when clearing an area for construction.  This vegetation usually requires “green” disposal or salvage in a nursery for future restoration efforts.  We have built nurseries in various climates to hold salvaged plants from small desert cacti to fully grown pinion trees. 

Our staff has also completed multiple courses for identifying endangered species habitats, rare plants and exotics, and archaeological sites while prepping various sites.  We have also built custom equipment that helps us clear areas (i.e., utility corridors, pipeline right of way, electric lines, and subdivisions) more economically than equipment currently available on the market. 




bigstockphoto_Water_Fountain_1799750[1]c.jpgLandscape Design

We know how to create an extraordinary plan, incorporating your desires, which elevate it from "concept" to "showpiece." Whether your property needs a new installation or a complete renovation, our design professionals will integrate all aspects of landscape architecture, horticulture and arboriculture to produce a picturesque and affordable result. 

Our design concept will also increase the aesthetic value of your property, add to its usability, limit maintenance expenditures and decrease energy and water costs.

For a specific project, we may create beautiful features, such as ponds and waterfalls, walkways and patios, as well as planting beds. We can also incorporate retaining walls of various materials – timber or masonry – and architectural features such as benches, trellises, arbors, gazebos, bigstockphoto_Graphic_Designer_In_A_Studio_517328c.jpgstatuary, and wood fencing.

We can design high quality, low voltage, attractive lighting to enhance your landscape during evening hours and provide an element of safety.   We can also provide you with rendered conceptual drawings, full color plant and hardscape library, blueprints, long term master plans, and on-site consultations. 

For a professional design that not only reflects your project's desires, but also increases the value of your project, we invite you to contact us for an initial consultation and share with us your vision for your project.





bigstockphoto_Plant_Nursery_Stock_2205945 cLandscape Installation

Landscape installation services are provided as a support service to our designers. We can also bid and work from your landscape architect's plans. The use of quality landscaping materials, correct plantings, expert craftsmanship and attention to detail are critical aspects of a properly installed landscape. We employ the best installation practices, procedures, and skilled workers available.  

We offer several landscape installation options including new plants, walkways, driveways, pavers, patio decking, natural flagstone, faux stone, fire pits, patios, ponds, water features, stained concrete slabs and more.

We can also provide installation of an automatic drip irrigation system that will assure the continued health of your trees, shrubs, and plants. If you have a specific idea or theme you wish to incorporate in the landscape installation, we encourage you to share it with us.  Our installations are scheduled to cooperatively meet your project's time frame and work within your allocated budget.






dreamstime_6945453[1]Landscape Maintenance

We consider landscape maintenance to be an art and a science. Our maintenance services are offered in support of our landscape design, installation and revegetation services.  From once a month visits, to a full-time maintenance crew on site, we will ensure that your project needs are met.

 We also provide one-time beautification, general clean-up services, and customized maintenance programs.  A landscape maintenance project manager is established for quality control and is charged with keeping the landscape healthy, clean, safe and attractive.

Maintenance services include annual plantings and harvestings, periodic weeding and fertilizing, other gardening, lawn care, snow removal, driveway and path maintenance, shrub pruning, topiary, lighting, fencing, runoff drainage, and irrigation repairs.  We may also create means to attract or repel local animals (including birds, rodents, reptiles, insects, and domestic animals or pets), as desired or necessary. We will communicate with you on issues concerning the maintenance of your landscape and look forward to a long term relationship.






bigstockphoto_Golf_Course_Green_1430888cGolf Course Seeding

We offer hydroseeding, hydromulching, and hydro-sprigging services for cost-effective landscaping and construction of golf course properties, turf in-fill and lush perimeter vegetation.   Too often golf construction companies recommend mechanical planting because the equipment is already available, the technology is well known, the results have been “acceptable” in the past, and the cost to plant will appear to be lower.

For anyone with a tight time frame, anxious owners, and a dedication to improved and superior results, the hydro-sprigging method is the preferred method. Hydro-sprigging spreads grass stolons instead of seeds.  Stolons produce both roots and shoots at their nodes and are perfectly suited to hydro applications.  Hydro-sprigging eliminates the bare spots, unevenness and the lengthy, expensive grow-in period associated with mechanical planting. 

image1 seederAnother viable alternative we utilize is capping.  Capping is very cost-effective and efficient as it utilizes both mechanical and hydraulic techniques to seed the new course.  Survivability and fill-in greatly improve when sprigs are capped and the course is ready for play sooner than with old-fashioned straight mechanical planting.  This method is a boon for golf course owners and any others who want economical and fast coverage of turf grasses on their project. 

Our mulch-seed mixtures are tailored to project needs and designed to promote growth, stabilize the soil, and enhance the manicured appearance of the project.  We use high quality, weed-free, project-specific seed species for healthy, enduring vegetation.  We also provide detailed instructions for proper irrigation schedules and we suggest ongoing turf management techniques to insure the long term viability of your project.




bigstockphoto_Drip_Irrigation_Supplies_57010 cIrrigation

It’s Revegetation Service’s long-standing commitment to water-efficient irrigation technology and techniques that sets our irrigation systems apart.  Our design and installation experience allows for a variety of irrigation systems to choose from while facilitating the successful establishment of native plants, particularly in dry and/or remote locations. 

Our expertise can help you reduce your water consumption, save money, and maintain a healthy and beautiful reclamation project or new landscaping.

Irrigation, as a component of reclamation services, should not be taken lightly.  Since most reclamation involves establishing native plants, it takes the correct knowledge and experience to design an irrigation system that will provide correct watering for seed establishment yet allow for the native plants to adapt to their natural surrounding's water cycles. 

By using our knowledge and experience, whether it's an above or underground system, our irrigation systems are designed to meet any site requirement, provide unmatched quality, efficient water use, and economical installation.  We have successfully met the most challenging troubles in the most difficult climates and we look forward to the new challenges of irrigation management in reclamation.







bigstockphoto_Men_Building_A_Fence_1647405General Labor

We provide general labor services to our partners on very favorable terms to assist you with various incidents and projects that arise on your job site.  We have performed a variety of services, not limited to, but including the following:  fencing, painting, trash pickup and hauling, trenching, loading and unloading of materials, irrigation repairs, basic security, cleaning, etc. 

All of our employees are insured and receive annual mine safety & health (MSHA) training.  All supervisors have first aid training and usually have extensive backgrounds in the construction industry, which we utilize as a diverse talent base. 

Feel free to ask us about your particular project needs where you require extra labor.  If we can perform the task and meet your expectations, we can save you both valuable time and money.  If your needs exceed our skill set, we will respectfully decline your request in a very timely manner so we do not delay your project. 






Weed Control

As we know weed control is an unforeseen expense for most partners, we go to great lengths in our planning and policies to reduce any possible contamination or introduction of non-native plants or exotics into your project.  With our experience and extensive plant knowledge, we can assist our partners in solving problems with noxious weeds and exotics. 

Based upon your objectives, site conditions, plant species, and natural parameters, we can recommend a specific treatment plan to control your targeted, non-native and invasive plants. We utilize trained and certified professionals for chemical applications and provide hand eradication, mowing and biobarriers where appropriate and economically feasible as alternative methods.