Our Mission

Our Mission is to continue to be the premier provider of native restoration and erosion control services throughout North America. To remain the industry leader, we must continue to offer a full complement of eco-restoration services, including innovative erosion control products, inimitable application processes and revolutionary technologies. We believe strongly in the intrinsic value of ongoing education, research, and training. We shall remain focused on providing services that are unparalleled and dutifully maintain our first-class relationships with our partners.




bigstockphoto_Strong_Business_Team_Work_506927We support partnering in a variety of industries throughout both the private and public sectors. The following is a representative list of partners we are currently conducting business with:

We believe in respecting the integrity and confidentiality of all our partners. With that in mind, we are happy to disclose references with a signed confidentiality agreement and our current partner’s approval.







Staff Training and Certifications

Our staff has multiple years of experience in all aspects of ecological restoration and erosion control. Our employees are required to attend ongoing educational courses in erosion and sediment control and all project managers must maintain a current SWPPP certification.

Additionally, we have team members that are educated in the permitting and compliance requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act, Endangered Species Act, Clean Water Act, and Clean Air Act, as well as other requirements by state and local authorities.

Furthermore, all team members must complete annual MSHA, OSHA, and First Aid training, and are subjected to pre-employment and random drug testing.









One distinct advantage that sets us apart from the “other” companies is that we design, build, and field mobilize equipment in our own fabrication shop. This has allowed us to fashion equipment that is extremely efficient, field maintenance friendly and site and application specific. We do not market our equipment to our competitors, though it is patent protected. Our savings achieved through this program help keep our costs lower and allow for those savings to be passed on to you.